Wednesday, March 2, 2016

THREE New FutureOfSex Pieces Are Up!

I really, really, really love writing for the folks at Future Of Sex.  In fact not one, not two, but three new pieces of mine are now live on their site.  Here are some teases:

Nanotech Engineers Developing Condoms As ‘Thin As a Human Hair’

Plant nano-additives could improve latex while maintaining durability.

The Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (AIBN) at the University of Queensland has announced the development of an ultra-thin latex made from a native grass called spinifex.

Professor Darren Martin of AIBN said this new material shows great promise in creating condoms with the same strength as existing latex brands but that are considerably thinner—and thus much more comfortable to wear.

“We think we can engineer a latex condom that’s about 30% thinner, and will still pass all standards, and with more process optimisation work we will be able to make devices even thinner than this,” he said in a press release.


Ghosts in Our Shells: What Anime Can Teach Us about the Future of Sex

Cyborgs, virtual reality, and more.

Japanese animation, anime as it is frequently called, has a long tradition of exploring humankind’s relationship with technology—including times when that relationship goes beyond intimate and into the obviously erotic.

In fact, if you look at any future speculations in anime, with regards to sexuality and technology, you’ll find not just that anime has delved into it but with a remarkably thorough and thoughtful approach.

While we know that an anime otaku (“fanboy” to use the Western meaning and not the literal Japanese translation) can more than likely come up with several others, here are just a few choice examples of anime’s future conjectures: virtual reality (.hack//SIGN), augmented reality (Dennō Coil), prosthetic limb replacement (Texhnolyze), artificial intelligence (Ergo Proxy), transgenderism (Shangri-La), robotics (Astroboy —one of the very first anime series), and many others.

But there’s one anime franchise that has touched on each of these, and done it in ways that show what could very well be the future of not just sexuality, but the very future of humanity itself.


Loving in a Tiny World: How Long-Distance Sexual Relationships Are Finally Working

Gaps between lovers are shrinking as our planet becomes more intimate.

Let’s start with a cliché: the world is getting smaller.

It hasn’t, of course, in actual fact: the Earth is still basically the same size it’s always been. For many people, though, communicating almost instantly with those living at even its farthest corners has not just become possible but an everyday occurrence.

Until a few years ago, the idea of a long-distance relationship was a synonym for “it’s over.” But now we almost take for granted the idea that distance has become almost inconsequential, even in regards to romance—and especially sex.

So how exactly has this changed? And what are the tools—here now or coming soon—that will reduce the world even more, as well as bring us a new level of sexual intimacy?

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