Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Two New Pieces For FutureOfSex!

Okay, I've said it before - but it's always worth repeating: I am having a serious kick writing for the great folks at Future Of Sex.  In fact, two brand new pieces of mine just went live there.

Check out these teasers below:

Retrofuturist Sex: How the Past Thought We’d Be Loving in the Future

How did people in the 70s and 80s think we’d be having sex today?

We’ve always been fascinated by what could be: looking at the present and thinking, “If this keeps up what’s tomorrow going to be like?” And, naturally, more than a few people have gazed off toward the horizon and thought to themselves, “If sex is like it is now, what could it be like in a few years… or a few hundred years?”

Lots of folks love to see what the past thought the future would become, otherwise known as Retrofuturism. The great Matt Novak at PaleoFuture has done great legwork compiling not just what people tried to predict for technology and society, but also for sex.

So we at Future of Sex thought it could be fun to look at some of these past projections and see which ones were wildly wrong—or even close to being right.



Crowdfunding for VR Sex Game Controller Relaunched After Overwhelming Demand

A case of sex tech that isn’t just popular, but surprisingly so.

Crowdfunding, as anyone who has experience in it will say, often attracts more failure than success. In fact, The Crowdfunding Centre has reported that, depending on the platform, failure rates can be as high as 89%.

But in the case of virtual reality game controller VirtuaDolls, an unexpected and high demand for the sex device forced its developer, William Spracklin of Eos Creative Group, to pause his Indiegogo campaign so he could regroup.

VirtuaDolls is an interactive and artificial vagina. When coupled with the 3D-animated game Girls of Arcadia, the campaign page claims it will take immersion and adult gaming to a whole new level.

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