Tuesday, January 19, 2016

New At Future Of Sex: Sensual Technology - How Sex Tech Is Becoming All Kinds of Pleasurable

More, more, more fun at Future Of Sex: my new article on sensual technology just went live.  Here's a tease!

Sensual Technology: How Sex Tech Is Becoming All Kinds of Pleasurable

We really love technology—in all kinds of ways.

We’ve always been smitten with technology: at least for as long as it’s been around. But now our devices aren’t just handy but are becoming actually, aesthetically, sexy.

Just ask any serious gear aficionado: it’s like they’re aroused not just by what their devices can do but how beautiful they are.

But what’s coming soon in sex tech—the perfect melding of erotic stimulation and arousing aesthetics—is really going to turn you on.
Form follows function… or function follows form?

Human nature, I guess: as soon as anyone invents anything, the next generation of it gets sexy. Locomotives, at first, were steamy, clanking, greasy monstrosities. Sure, they got Victorians from point A to point B, but soon they were brightly colored, filigreed, and satin lined, as well as efficient.

In the following century or so, designers had become celebrities, and their technology lusted after for its sensual appeal and function. Raymond Loewy, for example, applied his own particular style of organic streamlining to everything from airplanes to the already mentioned locomotives.

In the 60s and 70s, German industrial designer Luigi Colani took the pleasure and sensual aesthetic of those decades into engineering. While the functionality of some of his designs for cars, trains, ships, and such is a matter of debate, you have to admit that his creations have a very arousing appeal.

But designers these days are really taking the idea of sensual technology to heart. Products are often not just functionally a turn-on but are sensual as well.
Sex tech as sexy tech

Obviously, we are seeing a lot of progress towards pure sensual technology: the melding of being turned on with and turned on by sexuality devices.

Many developers have even used the idea of sensual technology in their marketing materials as well as their design aesthetic. Co-founder/designer Ti Chang of CRAVE, an adult pleasure device, said, “If anything deserves good design, it’s the things we bring to bed with us.”

Many sex tech products mentioned here on Future of Sex reflect that concept. The Kiiroo smart vibrator isn’t just pleasant to use, but also pleasurable to look at. The OH-DOMETER by OhMiBod is profoundly intimate, yet doesn’t look at all like hardware.

With developers and designers totally embracing the idea that sex tech should appeal to the eyes and mind, as well as the body and “naughty bits,” we are seeing technology that is a perfect melding of mechanical elegance, sensuality, and practically seamless interactivity.

The question then is what’s next?

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