Sunday, January 10, 2016

New At Future Of Sex: Johns Hopkins Plans 60 Penis Transplants for Injured Veterans

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Johns Hopkins Plans 60 Penis Transplants for Injured Veterans

With almost daily technological developments in sex tech, it’s important not to overlook innovations that are not hardware or software—but rather exist in the very intimate world of medicine.

Case in point: doctors Gerald Brandacher, W.P. Andrew Lee, and Richard J. Redett at the prestigious Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore are planning the first-ever penis transplant in the United States. It will be conducted in perhaps only a few months.

The operation will be performed on a wounded Afghanistan war veteran and, if all goes well, the patient should be able to have urinary function, feeling, and even the ability to eventually function sexually. Though doctors caution that total restoration, such as having the ability to father children, is unlikely at this time.

To date, two other attempts at penis transplants have taken place—with mixed results. The first was performed in 2006 in China and, unfortunately, was not a success.

However, another attempt in 2014 by professors Frank Graewe, AndrĂ© van der Merwe, and Rafique Moosa in Tygerberg Hospital, South Africa, did succeed—leading to the current project by Johns Hopkins.

Initially, the focus for the first attempt in the United States as well as plans for future transplants will be wounded soldiers.

Chairman of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Johns Hopkins, Dr. W. P. Andrew Lee, said to The New York Times, “I think one would agree it is as devastating as anything that our wounded warriors suffer, for a young man to come home in his early 20s with the pelvic area completely destroyed.”

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