Saturday, May 14, 2016

MORE Future Of Sex Goodness!

I've had a lot - to put it mildly - writing gigs over the years but working with Future Of Sex is definitely at the top of the list!

In fact I've just had (count 'em) four new pies up at the amazing site.  Here are teasers for them.

- and you can always track what I'm doing for them by clicking here.

Robotic Lovers and Artificial Companions: Future Sexualities Part 1

Humans have always found a wide range of things, to put it politely, to be alluring. It’s easy to imagine some early hominid looking at the very first wheel and thinking hello there, sexy…

Flippancy aside, with the arrival of groundbreaking technological innovations, we’re also seeing the emergence of new forms of sexual arousal—not to mention hints of what in the future may humans may find exciting.

And, as we’ll see, the growing acceptance of no excitement at all.


Gender Diversity and Asexuality: Future Sexualities Part 2

In Robotic Lovers and Artificial Companions, we played with where our sexual interest in the artificial—robots, dolls software, and the like—might lead in the very near future.

But any thought experiments about what might be coming to human sexuality has to delve into the human as well as the manufactured.

Because it is what we could become that could be truly remarkable, both in regards to erotic enjoyment but also in what it means to be human.


Sex and Augmented Reality: Part 1 — What Is AR?

Virtual reality has certainly—and loudly—arrived, making a huge splash in everything from gaming to sexual entertainment.

But while it will no doubt add a new, vivid dimension to how many people experience all kinds of pleasures, there’s another form of immersive technology that promises to give a quality that virtual reality lacks.

Namely reality itself.


Sex and Augmented Reality: Part 2 —The Erotic Fun Begins!

In our previous article, Sex and Augmented Reality: Part 1 — What Is AR?, we had a rather quick crash-course in what AR is, how it’s different that virtual reality, and some teases of what it could mean in regards to sex.

Now it’s time to explore that erotic potential in much more detail—and see how the power of augmented reality lies not just in replacing reality but in illuminating what we hadn’t been able to see before.

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